Fantastic interactive approach to healing.

Eldon K.

Not only do I leave my appointments feeling better, I am finding that my body is much more resilient than it used to be. Three months in and it has been worth it.

Joshua J.

P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L! ‘Therapy-like’ sessions with little to no words that tap into the mind/body/breath connection and initiate healing in both the physical and emotional realms of my being – this sums up the experience I have had with Dr. Lara Hill. Yes, my muscles are less stiff. Yes, my immune system is stronger. Yes, my posture and frame are straighter. But, even more importantly, to me, is the increase in my awareness of tension patterns and gaining the ability to identify, access and work with the energy that has been trapped deep inside me. It has been truly healing. ?

Kari B.

I’ve experienced great results through one month. You’re in good hands here, and you’ll be well informed/supported along the way. Minimally invasive, high impact.

Joshua G.

It takes just one session be convinced and eager to work with Dr. Lara.

Diamond D.