Our Vision

Our mission is to help our individuals and community grow to potential through wisdom, collaboration, and accessed depths of mind, body, and spirit using learned knowledge, practices, and Network Spinal chiropractic care.

Our vision is to transform and awaken lives and living and thereby shift the scales of the well-being and collective consciousness of our world.

Your visits with Dr. Lara Hill DC reach well beyond the conventional chiropractic experience. You are in the care of an advanced trained practitioner in one of the most researched, progressive methods in chiropractic and who’s neuro-structural approach focuses on addressing the underlying cause, not treating or masking a symptom. Her care helps your body self-correct, to create extraordinary internal change with the least amount of external force necessary, making it incredibly gentle, and perplexingly powerful. Clients are commonly shocked by the changes they see in their whole body, spine, and quality of life, and from such gentle care. Serving the needs of people who are looking not only to have less of the symptoms they are experiencing, but also who want MORE out of life–for themselves and their family, infants to elderly, and adults in all walks of life — Dr. Hill will never charge to talk to you and see if she can help. Our neighbors, and anyone interested in improved health and wellness, are are invited to schedule a free initial consultation by calling (218)GO-4-MORE (464-6673). Come find your “MORE” here now in an effective, holistic and far reaching health care practice, with YOU at the center.