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We recognize that knowledge, practice, and community are indispensable components of optimizing health and well-being for all, and our educational model is part of what makes our practice member outcomes the best they can be.  Join us.  Dr. Lara Hill's classes and workshops include and transcend conventional ways of thinking about health and wellbeing, and bring thought provoking and life changing information to help you live your best life.

(Unless otherwise specified, all programs are at our office.)

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2019 Classes and Events

Next up:

Levels of Care:Your Body's Innate Energetic Intelligence
Body tissues can store energy associated with past or current stressors, trauma and pain. These stored tensions and patterns can keep you from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual progress. You will uncover the tools to connect and release to find your freedom. Discover how helping your body connect in a specific way helps release blocked energy in your body and in your life!

Fall hike, Bonfire, and Potluck
Get active with friends, breath in the brisk air, warm yourself by the fire and laugh, share favorite food, bring the whole family. Our hosts at Ruby Rose Farm are welcoming us to their gorgeous house and property once again for this fun-loving fall community day. Share the love with others by bringing food that warms you up inside for the potluck . We will start by mingling around the fire before the hike, and ceremoniously bringing some mindful intention into our gathering to get the most out of it as we kick off our time together.
After the hike we'll have hot coco and set up inside for the potluck, then eat, mingle, sit by the bonfire, tour the farm, roast marshmallows, and even carve pumpkins with the kids.! :) ...read more and register here


Advanced Spinal Care
A healthy spine about is waaay more than avoiding back pain,
and there is way more underneath it than ergonomics.
Come for this class and Get the Big Idea.

Energy States & Triad of Change
A crowd favorite. Learn this personalized system for energized change in your life.

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Past Events:

Sept 25th Wellness Community Potluck

This Wellness Community Potluck like the community wellness dinner is part of Dr. Lara Hill's mission to grow the well-being and consciousness of her practice members and members of the Duluth and surrounding community by sharing three of the most important contributors to health and wellbeing:
1) the knowledge and wisdom you have and grow
2) the community and connections you share with others
3) daily practices that keep you thriving

Sept 17 Family Workshop: Cutting the Weeknight Chaos
An all-ages crafty family collaboration to put the intention back into family time

June 4 (Tuesday)  Phases

May 21 (Tues) Community Dinner

May 18th (Sat) Spirit and Wellness Connection

May 7 (Tues) Have you Ever Wondered?

April 16 (Tues) Community Dinner

April 4 (Thurs)  Body/Breath Integration: Enter Transformation

March 16 (Sat) BALANCE: Living a Harmonious Inner Life (Mini-retreat)

March 14 (Thurs) Spinal Care Class

March 7 (Thurs) Friendsgiving Potluck

March 5 (Tues) Mala Making

January 26 (Sat) Mini-Retreat: Living an Intentional Life

February 13th (Wed)  SRI Intro: Discover
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