Audio Resources

(This Link is in the process of being repaired–existing practice members have access to the audio on the USB you get at your first class)

Listen to Dr. Donald Epstein DC, the founder and developer of Network Spinal, the chiropractic approach we use in this office.  Understand the care through the lens of this interview series, and know what to expect during each level of care.

Your body language shapes who you are

Amy Cuddy at TEDGlobal 2012:This video is a must-watch with some amazing science about how the way the structure of our body shapes the way we see ourselves, perceive one another, and even affects our opportunities for success moving toward our goals.

Psoas Article

Experience Life Magazine

An extraordinary magazine that shares Dr. Lara Hill DC’s perspective on health.  We refer to articles from this magazine’s archives regularly and encourage subscribing as an excellent support for your care and wellbeing.  There is a wealth of articles on their website.

Find a Network Practitioner

A resource for Network Spinal Analysis practitioners nationwide and internationally.  Please ask us for referrals as this is a third party directory and not a comprehensive.